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Sarah Gish, the owner of Gish Creative, created the “Geoffrey Gish Memorial Fund” in honor of her brother, Geoffrey Gish, whose life was full of fun activities such as ice skating, skateboarding, drawing, hanging with friends, cooking, and movies. With these funds, we gave scholarships and made donations for similar activities, so that “Boys Can FLY!” (a quote inspired by Geoff). Geoffrey died at 43 years old on August 31, 2004 due to his addiction to alcohol and food so we want to help as many as we can realize that there are ways to "fly" without drugs, overeating, and alcohol. In fact, following your heart throughout your life can increase your resistance to destructive behaviors.

We have closed out the Memorial Fund but are so grateful for all that donated so that we could help others in honor of Geoff.

With the funds from this memorial, we:

• Supported a local artist by purchasing cards used as thank you notes to donors

• Donated Atlas Shrugged (a favorite book of Geoff’s) to the Houston Public Library’s Jungman Branch

• Donated a copy of The Shining to the Lanier Middle School Library, Geoff's Alma Mater

• Made a donation to the Decade of Non-Violence/Houston

• Made a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center

• Made a donation to Documentary Alliance for the making of a documentary film on palace movies theatres

• Gave a scholarship for ice skating lessons at the Polar Ice Galleria skating rink (where Geoff loved to skate)

• Started workshops called "I Can Fly!" which are uniquely created for groups to teach people how to find their passions and their special place in life. The workshops incorporate information about how we are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages, and participants in longer workshops create a piece of art.

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