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Gish Creative can help you with you marketing, parenting, cultural enrichment, and personal development. Our goal is to IGNITE your life so that we maximize you or your company's potential. How can we help you? If you’d like to stay informed of Sarah’s workshops, products, and/or services, please sign up for her workshop email list here.

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Our services include:

• Workshops and classes for adults and children including “I Can Fly!” family and adult art workshops; “What’s Your Purpose?” workshops at Body Mind & Soul; and “TNT Workshops” for women on transitions and transformations. Please email Sarah to get on her notification list for her workshops and other events.
Advertising in GISH PICKS: Curated Culture for Kids & Adults
• Private intuitive guidance sessions for 30 or 60 minutes at Body Mind & Soul
• One-hour marketing consultations
Speaking on a variety of topics, including the following (other topics can be presented as desired):

"Sounds Like a Summer Plan"
“Everyday Activism”
“Cultural Activities in Houston for Families”
“Houston's Great!”
"The Importance of Historic Preservation”
"Surviving and Thriving with Teens"
"Calling All Kids: Encouraging Children to Follow Their Heart"
"The Eight Daily LIFE-amins"
"You've Got to Visualize"
"State Your Mission"
"Sifting through the Noise"
“Addiction in Adults and Teens”

• Introductory tours of Houston for families and groups
• Party Pics (photographing people at events such as parties and fundraisers)
• Writing (articles, résumés, newsletters, press releases, etc.)
• Editing
• Graphic design
• Web design

Our Products:

GISH PICKS: Curated Culture for Kids & Adults
Artwork, including a series of “Mod Mandalas” using hubcaps
GISH AT THE MOVIES, a resource about Houston movie screenings & venues
• “Houston: Our Roots Are Strong,” a children’s cd about historic Houston landmarks co-created with Leah White


Sarah discusses Gish Creative and Gish Picks on METV

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