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Sarah Gish
Photo credit: Only Once Images Photography

Please sit down, take a look around, and enjoy!

Sarah has been making art and taking photographs professionally since 2000. Her most recent artistic endeavor – one which has many components and on which she will work on for the rest of her life – is the IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project and community campaign. Sarah consistently creates conceptual assemblages out of recycled materials including hubcaps, eyeglass lenses, and broken glass. She began making art cars in 2004. Her first and now defunct art car, the “Artmobile,” rolled in the 2004 Art Car Parade, and her second art car, HUBBA HUBBA ART CAR, rolled in the 2011-2013 Art Car Parades. Unfortunately, HUBBA HUBBA caught on fire in the summer of 2013, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, while Sarah was on a road trip for her IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project/community campaign. Out of that tragedy came her third art car, PHOENIX RISING ART CAR, which has the theme of ignition and transformation. She created a fourth art car, SPACE CITY, a mini one for the Houston Thanksgiving Parade 2014. You can see artist statements for her cars here: ARTMOBILE; HUBBA HUBBA; and PHOENIX RISING. Sarah is proud to be a “Daily Driver” of these cars so that she can bring the joy of art to everyone and leave a ripple of smiles in their wake.

P.S. In addition to needing heavy doses of inspiration, lots of great art supplies, and love from friends and family, artists also need money to keep doing what they’re doing. We rely on grants, sales, and donations – and word-of-mouth to spread the word about our projects. I would appreciate your helping me out in any of those ways if you can! A simple way is to tell others about my art. And much of my art is for sale, so please contact me (713.492.1173 or sarah@gishcreative.com) if you are interested in purchasing pieces you see here. Or, if you are moved to assist me by supporting me in a general way with your money, you can do so in two ways, shown below. All donations will be payable to Gish Creative and are not tax-deductible. THANK YOU for however you can help. I am grateful.


1. Via credit card through the PayPal button below

2. Via checks made out to GISH CREATIVE and mailed to 1940-A Fountainview, PMB 116, 77057.

"Ignite Your Life!" Art Project, Peggy Oki
Peggy Oki, photo by Sarah Gish
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I'm Brilliant Now
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Eyeball 1 (Eye've Got My Eye on You)
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Mod Mandalas Sixteen Fold
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