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Gish Creative is a personal, family, and business enrichment company founded by Sarah Gish in 2000 that creates connections, champions culture, and ignites lives. Our focus is CONNECTION, whether that be connection to your potential customers, connection to a supportive community, connection among families, connection to yourself and your personal mission, or connection to your spirituality. We offer a variety of services and products to ignite your connections and look forward to helping you out.

When assisting with personal enrichment, we encourage individuals of all ages to follow their heart. This endeavor was inspired by Sarah’s brother, Geoffrey Gish, and has resulted in the “I Can Fly!” philosophy. “I Can Fly! Art Connections” assist individuals and families in discovering their life mission using carefully-researched techniques that combine right- and left-brain thinking. Finding one’s personal mission exponentially increases one’s ability to succeed in life, which in turn leads to a world that functions in a healthier and more peaceful way.

We also work on with companies on a short-term basis to assist them in achieving their marketing goals through a variety of strategies that have been fine-tuned and proven successful over the years. We will help you promote your business, ideas, or products in many diverse ways as we know that getting people's attention is the first step towards creating a buzz and staying top-of-mind with your customers!

Please click here for a complete curriculum vitae on Sarah Gish, or here for a short bio. Photos and headshots of Sarah can be accessed here.


Sarah Gish founded Gish Creative with the goal of sharing her love of the arts and of marketing while being of service to others. Sarah was raised in Houston’s Rice University area in a family which nurtured a love of culture -- going to the symphony, theatre, art and music classes, and interesting films were all regular activities for them. Sarah also enjoyed media exposure -- in fact, she was first featured in a newspaper as a toddler in 1965 – so it makes sense that she gravitated towards promotion! She started in the marketing and public relations field in 1985, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Art History. She took a detour to teach English as a Second Language in Japan for three years and then returned to Houston and continued to work in education, the arts, and marketing.

After working as City Manager and Publicist for Landmark's River Oaks and Greenway Theatres, Sarah launched Gish Creative in 2000. Through Gish Creative, she has worked on a variety of marketing projects including awareness campaigns, long-term marketing programs, consistent media exposure, graphic design, websites, special events, press tours for celebrities, telemarketing ticket sales and fundraising, book publishing, and more. Sarah has also led workshops and presented talks on a variety of topics for community groups and companies such as AmeriCorps, BP, Chevron, and M.D. Anderson Hospital. On a more personal level, she has served as an intuitive guide at Body Mind & Soul for countless individuals.


In addition to her marketing and enrichment work, Sarah is a writer. She is the creator and publisher of GISH PICKS: Curated Culture for Kids & Adults, her popular and free weekly e-guide to cultural activities for families in the greater Houston area. Her annual guide, THE SUMMER BOOK® ONLINE: A Guide to Houston Day Camps and Classes for Kids and Teens, has become THE resource parents turn to for summer camp ideas. And since 1997, she has been writing a monthly column about art films called “Gish at the Movies” for Local Houston Magazine. She has done freelance writing for Arts + Culture Magazine Houston; CultureMap; Glasstire; Houston Community Newspapers; Houston Family Magazine; My Table Magazine; Texas Family Magazine; and Texas Meetings and Events Magazine. In 2011, she ventured back into the wild world of radio (she had dabbled at KTRU-FM as a teen and was a DJ in Japan in the 1990s). Sarah has an occasional show on KPFT-FM called “Only Connect: Exploring People and Places that Make Houston Great”, in which she interviews notable and interesting Houstonians about their lives, their work, and the places they oversee. She also has a Facebook page, Houston Gems in which she highlights gems in Houston (people, places, events, or sites) each week. And finally -- she tweets from www.twitter.com/sarahgish and uses several hashtags: #houstongems, #gishpicks, and #thesummerbook. Follow her and learn all about what makes Houston cool!


Ms. Gish believes in preserving and promoting Houston as well as being a changemaker in the world. In 2007, she rallied a group of artists, architects, preservationists, and concerned citizens to get the city to designate the Landmark River Oaks Theatre and the Alabama Theatre sites and their shopping centers as city landmarks so that they would not be demolished. Sarah was on the City of Houston Archeological and Historical Commission Education Sub-Committee, which created a community page on Houston preservation. In addition to helping save the movie theatres, Sarah was instrumental in keeping a cell phone tower from being placed on her children’s school’s grounds and in getting more safety precautions as they were building a new school. She continues to monitor and fight for preservation and other causes that she updates people on via social media on a regular basis. Knowing that the best way to preserve history for future generations is by reaching youth, she became the co-producer and preservation consultant on a cd of songs about historic Houston landmarks with family recording artist Leah White called “Our Roots Are Strong” which was released in 2011 in honor of Houston’s 175th birthday. For a handy dandy list of easy ways to change the world, click here for Sarah’s “Simple Steps to Being a Changemaker.”


In 2000, Sarah returned to her artistic roots by creating art out of recycled materials. Her first and now defunct art car, the “Artmobile,” rolled in the 2004 Art Car Parade, and her second art car, HUBBA HUBBA ART CAR, rolled in the 2011-2013 Art Car Parades. Unfortunately, HUBBA HUBBA caught on fire in the summer of 2013, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, while Sarah was on a road trip for her IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project/community campaign. Out of that tragedy came her third art car, PHOENIX RISING ART CAR, which has the theme of ignition and transformation. All three cars are about subjects dear to her heart: female energy and divinity, community art, spirituality, the power of color and fire to effect change, and much more. You can see artist statements for all three cars here: ARTMOBILE; HUBBA HUBBA; and PHOENIX RISING. Sarah is proud to be a “Daily Driver” of all of her art cars so that she can bring the joy of art to everyone and leave a ripple of smiles in their wake. She is working on a book about her adventures with her last two art cars.

Sarah has shown her conceptual assemblages and photographs at 14 Pews, The Art Car Museum, Bering and James Gallery, Caroline Collective, Houston Central Library Art Gallery, DiverseWorks, Lawndale Art Center, Mind Puddles Gallery, and Super Happy Fun Land. Click here to access her portfolio and here for her artist statement. Not one to sit still, in 2011 Sarah launched a new art adventure: BOTTLE CAP MAMA jewelry. Her earrings, necklaces, and rings are all made out of re-purposed bottle caps and other found objects and each piece is handmade by Sarah. Check her Facebook page for images of her creations and customers; as of 2013, her jewelry is on hiatus. In 2012, she launched a line of greeting cards that are also sold at Body Mind & Soul.


Sarah discusses “Igniting Your Life” on HoustonPBS

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In 2013, she launched a completely new project with which she is obsessed and plans to change the world, IGNITE YOUR LIFE!, which is an art project and community campaign to inspire people around the world to light a match to their own passions. The project consists of photographs and videos with people who tell Sarah how they ignite their lives and weekly IGNITE! events that are created so that ignition can happen up close and personal for everyone. IGNITE! events have included free hugs at a shopping mall, giving flowers to a stranger, and taking a photograph of someone who is normally overlooked. For the latest updates on IGNITE YOUR LIFE!, to see photos of the project, and to be updated on the IGNITE! events, please click here and hit LIKE. Make sure your notifications are turned on!

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Sarah Gish discusses IGNITE YOUR LIFE! on Great Day Houston
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